About HuskerOil.com

In order to import data into your account on HuskerOil.com,
your comma separated file (.csv) must contain these 17 items.
Arrange your spreadsheet in the following format. Do not include column headers (descriptions) in your file.
A Carrier name ( ex. Elvis Trucking )
B Carrier number ( 9 digits, ex. 470000000 )
C Mode of transportation ( 1 letter, ex. J (truck), R (railroad))
D Terminal number ( 9 characters, ex. T73OK2600, or leave blank)
E Destination state ( 2 letters, ex. OK )
F Buyer/Seller/Position Holder name ( ex. Sooner Oil )
G Buyer/Seller/Position Holder FEIN( 9 digits, ex. 470101010)
H Date ( format M/D/YYYY, ex. 8/31/2006 )
I Document # ( up to 10 characters )
J Net Gallons OR Begin Inventory for Schedule 15C ( numeric, ex. 1500 )
K Gross Gallons OR Ending Inventory for Schedule 15C ( numeric, ex. 1500 )
L Billed Gallons( numeric, ex. 1500, 0 for Schedule 15C )
M Terminal location ( ex. Tulsa, if no terminal, leave blank)
N Originating state ( 2 letters, ex. OK )
O Product code (include leading 0s, ex. 065)
P Schedule code ( Up to 3 characters, ex. 1A )
Q Diversion Number (Schedule 11 only)

Example RECEIPT line:
WILLYS SERVICE,333333014,J,T73OK8888,OK,SPEEDYS,222233344,3/7/2016,22334,500,509,500,MEMPHIS,TN,160,1C,
Example DISBURSEMENT line (a diversion in this case):
Example INVENTORY schedule (terminal operator)
TANK GUYS INC,555555014,J,T73OK1234,OK,GASMANS,211111111,1/1/2016,INV130,29100,29101,0,MEMPHIS,TN,130,15C,