About HuskerOil.com

In order to import data into your account on HuskerOil.com,
your comma separated file (.csv) must contain the first 23 columns (A-W).
Columns X, Y, and Z are needed for schedules MS and MG (blending schedules)
Arrange your spreadsheet in the following format. Do not include column headers (descriptions) in your file.
A Invoice Number ( Manifest number )
B Invoice Date ( M/D/YYYY format )
C Origin City ( ex. Chicago)
D Origin State ( ex. Il)
E Destination City ( ex. Chicago)
F Destination State ( ex. Il)
G Schedule code ( Up to 3 characters, ex. S, D, SD )
H Carrier Name ( ex. BIG OIL TRADERS INC )
I Carrier FEIN ( 9 digit FEIN )
J Mode ( J for Truck, R for Rail, .etc )
K Net Gallons or ending gallons of product in blending schedule( whole number )
L Product code or primary product in blend (ex 65 or B00 (no leading 0) )
M Purchaser ( ex. Big Oil Inc. )
N Purchaser FEIN ( 9 digit FEIN)
O Purchaser License ( 5 digits)
P Seller Name( ex. Small Oil Inc. )
Q Seller FEIN ( 9 digit FEIN)
R Seller License ( 5 digits)
S BOL Number ( Bill of Lading, document number ) or end product code in blend
T BOL Date ( M/D/YYYY format ) or Blending date in blend schedule
U Filer License Type (1-dist 2-supplier 8-receiver)
V Tax Type (1-Mst free 2-Ust Free 3-Both)
W Seller License Type (1-dist 2-supplier 8-receiver, if col U = 8, this will be 8)
X Gallons of primary product (schedules MS or MG only)
Y Gallons of blending product (schedules MS or MG only)
Z Blending agent product code (schedules MS or MG only)

Example file:
657186,10/2/2014,Des Moines,IA,Rockford,IL,SD,Movers,113337042,J,892,167,Bobs,113338564,03532,Marco Inc.,123456789,40850,482,10/1/2014,1,3,1
657187,10/2/2014,Soldier,IA,Chicago,IL,SD,Movers,113337042,J,890,167,Bobs,113338564,03532,Marco Inc.,123456789,40850,483,10/1/2014,1,3,1
Below is a blending schedule example. Many columns are left blank as they may not be applicable to schedule MS or MG.